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    G’day. It’s me, Bilby the Pink-eared Bandicoot, here to tell you about the BILBY’S RING Tales by Kaye Kessing…

    The Bilby's Ring book covers, books 1 to 3

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    They tell of a dangerous journey made by five native creatures across Australia.

    That was me with Chuditch the Spotted Quoll, Mala the Hare Wallaby, Numbat and Sticky the Stick-nest Rat.

    None of us wanted to leave our homes but none of our homes were safe to live in.

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    If you’ve ever been kicked out of your home by RABBITS, chased by fierce CATS or hunted down by FOXES three times as big as you, you’ll know what it’s like to be a native creature in Australia today!

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    When the five of us set off on our journey we only knew about the dangers in our own home ranges.

    But soon we learned about feral horses, wild goats, mad pigs, biting dogs, vulgar starlings and many more.

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    When we reached The Biggest City by The Endless Sea, the megalomaniac gutter cat, Felis Grandiosa, was waiting to get us with her army of feral animals.

    Nessa and Tinny, two young humans, helped save us from a shocking death.

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    OUT OF THE SPINIFEX presents the first three tales of the BILBY’S RING series.

    Kaye Kessing has been researching and writing these Ten Tales since 1995.

    You can read the first few chapters, or order your copy here.

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