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Posted by Chuditch

September 18, 2013

Chuditch Chats

Hey, I’m Chuditch the Western Quoll, with  a creamy-white belly and a dark brown back that is covered with deadly-white spots.

Wayback, we hunted everywhere in Australia except across the driest parts of the centre. Today we are only found in the far south-west corner.

Feral cats and foxes eat our food and have taken over our home ranges.

Quolls are hunters too but we only kill for food – not for fun like cats do. If you find a bird with just its tongue bitten out you can be sure there’s a cat about!

I mostly eat insects but also birds, lizards, frogs and dead meat. Eggs are the very best! If there’s no water around to drink I have to get enough moisture from blood or body juices.

Cats are the same which is why they live everywhere, even across Australia’s driest deserts.

Where ever you go you’ll find cats, instead of quolls.