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Posted by Mala

September 18, 2013

It’s me, Mala

I’m a rufous hare-wallaby or mala and we look like fluffy little kangaroos.

Mala used to nibble through the driest spinifex deserts, across  the western side of Australia.

Now none of us live in the wild anymore.

I grew up in The Mala Paddock, way out in the dry Tanami Desert. Humans had built a big fence to keep us safe, near the last place mala once lived.

Cats, foxes and dingodogs could not get inside to kill us, so many babies were born and stayed alive.

One year in big rains  part of the fence was washed away. No humans could get near to fix it so cats and foxes came inside and killed nearly every mala except me.

I hopped far across the deserts looking for other creatures of my fur, until I found Bilby and Chuditch.

They’re my best friends now but it would be great to find another mala, somewhere.