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Posted by Numbat

September 18, 2013

Numbat Speaks

I am called a numbat and sometimes a banded anteater, even though we only eat ants when they get mixed up with termites by mistake.

I am small with red-brown to dark grey fur and many white stripes across my back. My tail is furry and stiffens like a bottlebrush when I am frightened or cross.

I have good strong claws, although I cannot dig into termite mounds like Bilby. Instead, I sniff out the shallow tunnels that termite workers build then travel along, to fetch food for the other the termites in their mound. I break the tunnels open then lick up the termites with my long, sticky tongue.

Unlike the others I search for food by day and sleep at night in hollow logs or old burrows. I must watch out for foxes, cats, eagles, hawks, snakes and goannas.

Before foxes, cats and humans came, numbats lived across the bottom half of Australia, especially in the west. Now we only live wild in the south-western corner of Western Australia.

I am committed to seeing numbats scratch and dart again, all over the country they once knew.