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Posted by Sticky

September 18, 2013

Sticky Squeaks

I am Sticky the Greater Stick-nest Rat who went across Australia and learnt so much with Bilby, Mala, Chuditch, and Numbat.

I’m the same shape as those feral black ┬árats but with much prettier yellow-brown fur and a white patch on each back foot. Wait until you see the big stick-nests we build!

I was living all alone in our big nest of sticks that Mum and Dad had built before they were eaten. If a fox or cat had caught me, there would have been no stick-rats left in our home range.

When our nest was wrecked by feral horses, I thought I might as well go with the others, and maybe find another of my kind. But the only stick-nest rat we found was eaten by a fox and we had to listen!

There were once heaps of us across the drier parts of Southern Australia. Now rabbits, camels, sheep and cattle eat our tucker and cats and foxes eat us.